(4 PACKS) Meiji Amino Collagen powder PREMIUM 28days 196g 明治膠原蛋白粉 Q10 金色 196g


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[How to eat] one spoonful per a day

・ Mix with your favorite drink such as milk or coffee.

・ You can enjoy it deliciously by sprinkling it on yogurt.

・ There are individual differences in collagen intake. If you think that one packet (7g) is a lot, please adjust the amount.

・ Please drink immediately after melting.

【ingredient】(7 grams per day)

  Low molecular weight fish collagen 5000mg, ceramide 1200μg, hyaluronic acid 20mg, coenzyme Q10 10mg, glucosamine 60mg, amino acid (arginine) 450mg, vitamin C 50mg


・ If you are going to the hospital, taking medication, pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you are not feeling well, please consult your doctor or specialist about intake.

・ Please use with caution if you are overreacting to protein due to allergies.

・ Do not put a wet spoon in the can.

・ Manufactured with the same equipment as products containing eggs and wheat.

Expiration date : At least 1 Year