(12 BOXES) Hiti Prinhome P461 P461C - Photo Paper and Catridge- 60pcs


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This listing is for 12 Boxes (Total 720 Prints)

Dye sub consumables can create 16.7M true colors.
No smudging and blotching in the course of printing.
High printing quality reveals rich color images.
With overcoat printing, the printout can protect against UV and fingerprint, and is water repellent.

  • Each box contains: 60pcs 4x6" Photo paper & 1pc Ribbon
  • Suggested storage environment: RH40 ~ 60 %, Room temperature above 5°C and below 30°C, and keep sunshine and dust away
  • Pack dimension : 186x106x57mm ; Weight : 0.365 kgs
Applicable models
Prinhome P461, P461c