Air Mentor 2 Indoor WiFi Wireless 6-in-1 Air Quality Monitor (8099-AP)

Air Mentor

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Air Mentor 2: Indoor Air Quality Detector (8099-AP)

Including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), total volatile organic compounds (TVOC including Formaldehyde), and particulate matter (PM2.5/PM10). Air Mentor 2 will alert user with air quality pollution status, App will also receive alert notification. Through Smart Phone App, user can easily setup Air Mentor 2 Wi-Fi connection, to know the indoor air quality anytime, anywhere. Air quality measurement will automatically upload to Air Cloud. Through App, user may check history data, analysis and improvement suggestion.


Accurate, Stable, Reliable

Unlike other air quality detectors, we choose industrial-grade sensors, with numerous fine tuning and environmental testing, our accuracy is comparable to professional laboratory equipment. Each sensor is calibrated in the production line and tested in specific gas chamber to ensure all sensor readings' consistency.


Design aesthetics

The silent fanless Air Mentor 2's simple and elegant design is
inspired from human body meditation position. Our soft
breathing light is always guarding the air quality. Easy setup with
user friendly interface, for you to easily fit in your life. Our wall
hanger naturally mingles intro interior design, to help air quality
detection, to make your air quality visible to your family.