ASUS Original ZenFone 4 ZE554KL View Flip Cover Smartphone Case


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ZenFone 4 View Flip Cover is designed exclusively for ZenFone 4 to provide complete protection while also letting you view and interact with the screen. Its thin, frameless design perfectly matches ZenFone 4’s elegant look, and fit your style.


• Smart design, enhanced protection - ZenFone 4 View Flip Cover has a smart, innovative design featuring embedded magnets that turn the screen on automatically when the cover is opened and firmly attach to ZenFone 4 when the cover is closed to protect the display against scratches and bumps.

• Updates at a glance - With a view of the display and a unique, translucent construction, ZenFone 4 View Flip Cover lets you easily stay up to date with your digital life. Quickly respond to incoming calls, view notifications, check the time, and more — all without opening the cover!

• Stylish, frameless design - ZenFone 4 View Flip Cover is tailor-made for ZenFone 4. Contoured for the perfect fit, it is comfortable to hold and has an elegant, frameless design that perfectly matches ZenFone 4 and your look.