ASUS Z Stylus Pen Compatibility With ZenPad Z500M/KL Z300C/CG/CL Z580CA


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ASUS Z Stylus features a slim and elegant design that feels natural in your hand. It employs a combination of unique firmware and tuning for exceptional performance and compatibility with ASUS tablets. Z Stylus utilizes special circuitry and a 1.2mm tip to ensure accurate and precise input when working with popular apps like E-Mail, Supernote, and other apps for hover function.

Its two buttons can be programmed for hover or erase functions; with Palm Rejection technology preventing accidental inputs. Z Stylus doesn’t require a Bluetooth connection, and its single AAAA battery gives it up to 150 hours of use or 225 days of standby time. When not in use, the clip-on design secures it in your pocket or bag. Z Stylus comes with an additional durable tip, effectively doubling the lifespan of your stylus.


 Exceptional performanceand compatibility 

 An elegant stylus with a natural handwriting feel 

 Durable, accurate, and precise 

 Extremely long battery life 

 Works with top apps

 Clip-on design with two programmable buttons 

 Ultra-thin lamination technology does not affecttouch screen 


Brand ASUS
Model ASUS Z Stylus
Dimensions 14.38 X 0.96 X 0.96 cm (WxDxH)
Weight 11.85 g
Color Black
Power 150 hrs battery life, AAAA Battery
Contents 1024 pressure sensitive
Φ1.2mm Replaceable Tip
Clip-on design with two programmable buttons
Clear UI to show Battery Status
Power 150 hrs battery life, AAAA Battery
Material Premium Aluminum Texture
Compatible Model Z580CA, Z300C/CG/CL, Z500M