BEAUTY PLAYER Hydrating Moisturizing Facial Mask Cleansing ( 5pcs / Per Box)

Beauty Player

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This basic cleansing is a crucial step to achieve beautiful skin!

A new generation of cleansing facial mask contains special adsorption ability to deeply cleans the pores to allow skin to breathe and immediately infuse the concentrated essence from the mask into the skin. This instantly hydrates, tightens, brightens, and smooths skin to help it return and maintain its optimal state.

※ Carefully selected in France, Germany, Spain's raw natural extracts.

※ Extract plant flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, roots and biotech peptides and other essences.

※ Bio-fiber mask, super skin, can be in-depth fur and skin fit.

※ Contains natural collagen factor, with excellent deep cleansing ability to decontaminate and exfoliate skin. Deeply absorbs dirt and oil in pores.

※ Hyaluronic acid assists with efficient re-hydrating, water locking retaining ability.

※ Peptide whitening agent to prevent rough texture and dullness, bringing the skin to a crystal clear and naturally luminous complexion.

Expiration Date : At least 1.5 year