PHILIPS HP8668 StyleCare Auto-rotating Airstyler Curler 750W (100V~120V)


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Power Voltage: 100V~120V (US Typre Plugs)

PHILIPS HP8668 StyleCare Auto-rotating Airstyler Curler 750W

Soft curls, waves and volume with auto air curling:
Keratin Ceramic coating Auto-rotating airstyler The new to the world auto-rotating airstyler comes with a unique curling attachment for soft curls and waves, with a round brush for a voluminous bouncy look and with a nozzle for gentle drying. A caring drying & styling experience.

Automatic air curl attachment creates waves and soft curls:
After you have dried your hair 80%, place a strand of hair on the opening of the air curl attachment. At a touch of a button, your strand of hair disappears into the curling chamber where it is dried and styled. A beautiful brushed out curl is released, for a gorgeous, natural look.

50mm round brush adds volume and movement:
The 50mm thermo brush is the perfect way to add volume, body and shine to your hair. Use on nearly-dry hair to create a beautiful salon blow dry at home.

Prevents static for smooth, frizz free and shiny hair:
Charged negative ions eliminate static, condition the hair and smooth down the hair cuticles to intensify the hair’s shine and glossiness. The result is hair that is smooth, shiny and frizz-free.

Protective ceramic coating with Keratin infusion:
Protective ceramic coating with Keratin infusion for better care of your hair.

Narrow concentrator for focused airflow:
The concentrator of the airstyler works by focusing the airflow through the opening, onto specific areas, enabling a gentle drying experience. Recommended for pre-drying the hair and preparing it for styling.

800W styling power for beautiful results:
This 800W airstyler creates the optimum level of airflow and gentle drying power for beautiful results every day.

Cool shot to set your style:
A cool air setting allows you to fix your style or to dry hair at relatively low temperature to minimize damage.

The airstyler automatically rotates in both directions:
The airstyler can be rotated in both directions, making it easy to handle and create a variety of styles.

Swivel cord to prevent tangled wires:
Useful swivel cord technology rotates the cord to prevent tangled wires.

The airstyler is compact and fits better in your hand:
With an ergonomic design and a smaller handle size, the airstyler allows for an easier and more comfortable user experience.

  • 1.8 m cord for maximum flexibility
  • 3 Attachments & 1 Protection cap is included

What coating is on the barrels?
The brush attachment and the air curl attachment have keratin ceramic coating on its barrel.

Can I use the airstyler on wet hair?
Do not use the appliance on completely wet hair. Dry your hair with a towel first or predry your hair with a hairdryer. 
The appliance is most effective on towel-dry hair. 
Tip: Comb your hair to prevent it from getting entangled around the brush.

How can I create different styles with the appliance?
1. Making waves/volume in the hair: 
a) Insert the brush into the hair tips and use the rotation with according direction to 
roll-up the hairs to the hair roots. 
b) Keep the brush at the hair roots until the hair is completely dry. 
c) Remove the brush out of the hair by using the opposite rotation direction. 

2. Styling the hair tips: 
a) Insert the brush into the hair tips. 
b) Choose the rotation direction for the desired result (inwards or outwards). 
c) Activate the rotation and let it rotate at the hair tips to shape them until the hair is 
completely dry and properly shaped. 

3. Straighten the hair: 
a) Insert the brush underneath your hair roots. 
b) Pull the brush down the length of the hair from roots to tips without using the 

4. Curl the hair 
a) Place partial section of hair in the opening of the air curl attachment. Select Hot airflow setting. 
b) PRESS and HOLD either of the rotation buttons until the remaining section of hair can no longer be seen. 
c) Release the rotation button but hold the appliance in place for 30 seconds. 
d) Switch to cool airflow for 10 seconds to fix the style. 
e) Switch off the appliance and gently pull the hair strand out.

What is the diameter of the brush attachments?
The diameter of the big brush attachment is 50mm.

What is the ION function for?
The ION Function seals the hair cuticles, reduces frizz and static and leaves the hair shiny. 
An electronic ionizer generates negative ions, which neutralize positive ions in the atmosphere 
The negative ions are safe. They do not have any negative effect on your hair or body.

50mm round brush: For volume & smooth shiny hair
Nozzle: For a focused airflow
Unique AirCurl attachment: For waves and soft curls

Caring technologies
Keratin Ceramic
Ionic technology

Ease of use:
Storage hook 
Swivel cord


Search Youtube on how to properly use this item for best results