SAMSUNG HM5000 Slim Stick Type Bluetooth Headset for Smartphone Connectivity


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Samsung HM5000 Slim Stick Type Bluetooth Headset for Smartphone Connectivity


Bluetooth Mono Headset
The Bluetooth Slim Stick offers enhanced connectivity and is the must-have Smartphone accessory

Samsung Pen Bluetooth Headset Acts Like A Second Phone But Smaller
The Samsung Slim Stick Type Bluetooth Headset HM5000 is disguised to look distinctly pen-like and therefore fits into your jacket pocket, or, if you're brave, your front shirt pocket.
Includes a vibrating alert so you can hear it buzz when you're in a bar, active pairing and the ability to connect with two mobile phones at the same time.

There's also automatic volume adjustment that raises the audio of your conversation when the background ambient noise increases, and then lowers it when the noise goes away. Just don't mention the fact that while it looks like a pen, it doesn't actually feature a pen.
It's light and looks fairly easy to use, although, with no apparent way of clipping it to your ear, it's not going to be that handy for using when driving.

• Slim Stick Headset for Smartphone connectivity - Samsung’s HM5000 Slim Stick is a Bluetooth headset specifically designed to work as Smartphone receiver and is a first of its kind. Its unique Slim Pen Type and Clip design is perfect for professionals, sitting comfortably and inconspicuously in a jacket pocket. The easy-to-carry headset also features helpful features such as Active Pairing and the intuitive Multipoint technology.
• Increase your awareness at work with silent alerts - The professional environment often calls for devices , such as Smartphone, to be turned off or put on silent. For this reason, the Samsung Slim Stick comes with the vibrating and LED indicator modes. When phone calls or messages come in during meetings or inappropriate moments, the Slim Stick Bluetooth Headset will inform you discreetly with your choice of vibration or LED blinking.
• Enhance communications with advanced noise reduction - With the latest noise reduction and echo cancellation technology, the Samsung Bluetooth Handset improves the level of communication quality. Perfect for busy areas, the Dual Microphone system eliminates distracting noises while enhancing the sound clarity.
• Two phones, One Bluetooth Headset! - Enjoy accessing two Bluetooth enabled mobile phones through the Samsung HM5000 Bluetooth Handset and its multipoint technology. The new version even allows for multiple calls to be answered; by simply placing your first call on Standby mode, you can then answer a second call from another mobile.
• Search and connect easily with Active Pairing - Samsung’s Active Pairing mode is perfect for those who are constantly on the go. By holding down on the Slim Stick’s call button for 1 second, it will automatically search and connect to the nearest handset. It is an ideal function for professionals out and about and not always