SUNTORY Liftage PG-EX Collagen xProteoglycan Supplements 50ml (10 BOTTLES PER BOX)


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Suntory Liftage PG-EX Collagen x Proteoglycan Supplements (1 Box contains 10 bottles)

1 Box = 10 Bottles of 50ml

Ingredients collagen peptide, erythritol, long pepper extract powder, proteoglycan containing salmon nasal cartilage extract powder, linseed extract powder, cherry blossom extract powder, ceramide containing rice extract powder, Lonicera caerulea extract, acidulant, vitamin C, flavoring, sweeteners (acesulfame K, sucralose), (including some of the raw gelatin)

Drink one day a bottle.

Size: 50ml Per Bottle

Shake well before use.

Drink all Once you have opened the bottle.

No rules on the timing to drink this.

If you want to give a good effect by your skin, purchase is recommended on a regular basis.

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