TYREDOG TPMS TD1800F-I INTERNAL Tyre Pressure Monitor System TPVMS


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TYREDOG TD1800 Tire Pressure Vibration Monitoring System great advantages

  1. Improve receiver sensitivity, in a open field the transmitting distance can reach up to 150 meters.
  2. Exclusive RF technology, stronger anti-interference, effectively solve the tint window film,poor reception caused by main console electronic interference problem.
  3. Color TFT display dynamic layout, the receiver can be operate with AAA battery instead of the hard wire.
  4. Exclusive low-energy tracking 24-hour full-time detection, before engine start to predict tire status.
  5. Monitor with multi-language built in, users can choose the language version.
  6. Pressure, temperature unit selection is available.
  7. Self-correction function restarted tire detection.
  8. Adjustable detection sensitivity, provide more reference data.
  9. High accuracy, completely replace visual inspection or mechanical measurements.
  10. Replaceable battery, eliminating the costly system replacement.
  11. Adjustable valve, suitable for most of the rims. (Internal type)

This the internal sensor model. Installation by a tire professional is required!


Monitor Receiver:

Operating voltage: 3V DC / 12V DC

Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ 80℃

Dimensions: 70mm x 54.8mm x 24mm

Weight: 74.0g (±1)

Battery: AAA 1.5V x2

Battery life: 3 months

Sensor Transmitter: (Internal)

Pressure tolerance: ±1 PSI

Temperature tolerance: ±3℃

Operating voltage: 3V DC

Operating temperature: -40℃ ~ 125℃

Dimensions: 66.0mm x 33.0mm x 13.5mm

Weight: 42.0g (±1)

Angle adjustable valve stem: 18 ~43

Battery life: 3 years

Battery: CR2032 (The battery for internal sensors is specially for TPMS, and the battery also can be replaced, you only have to buy the "CR2032" )