Cubiio (Basic) Automatic Small Household DIY Mini Laser Engraving Machine


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  • PORTABLE: 5 cm 150 gram compact laser module
  • SAFE: certified Class 1, motion-trigged stop, overheat shutdown, password lock
  • EASY: wirelessly controlled by a smartphone, photo/vector both supported
  • For Maker, Baker, Carpenter, Leatherworker, Designer, Handcrafter, and You
  • Hot on Kickstarter and Indiegogo


Weight: 1.3 Kg (Laser Module only 150 gram)

Laser Source: 1600 mW OSRAM 450 nm bluelaser, lifetime estimation 10000 hours

Laser Output: 100 level adjustable

Finishing: Anodized aluminum

Filter: Active Charcoal + Zeolite

Color Option: Red, black and gold

Screw Mount: 1/4"-20 UNC for standardtripods

I/O: Micro SD card (FAT32)

Supported File Format: G-Code and bmp

App Connection: BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

App OS: IOS 10+ / Android 4.4+

Laser Source Power Requirement: Micro USBDC 5V, 2A  Power bank (5V, 2A) supported,but not included

Power Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz

Operating Temperature Range: 5 ℃ to 40 ℃

Operating Humidity Range: 5 % to 90 %(non-condensing)

Certifications: IEC 60825-1 (Laser Class1), CE, FCC, and FDA CDRH registered. IEC 60825-1 (Laser Class 4) if lasermodule works without shield.


Package Contents :

Cubiio Main unit x 1 

Cubiio  Goggle x 1

Mini Tripod x 1 (Optional)

USB cable x 1

4GB Memory Card x 1

USA Power Plug ( AC100-240V , 2 Plate-Pins) x 1

    *Safety Warning * 

    Undoubtedly, any laser device might be harmful. Your safety is always our first priority. Cubiio has safety measures as below:

    1.Eye Protection: Goggles are included in every Cubiio package. Always wear goggles while Cubiio is working. Do not look at the laser radiation even with the goggles.


    2.Password Lock: Password is required before operating every time. Only authorized persons are allowed to use Cubiio.

    3.Laser processing Indication: A bright LED indicates when the laser is energized and operating.

    4.Motion Detection: A sensitive 3-axis accelerometer is equipped. While accidental movement happens during operating, Cubiio will shut down immediately.

    5.Overheat Shutdown: Cubiio should work in the environment with sufficient heat dissipation. If the inner temperature approaches to the damaging threshold, Cubiio turns itself off.

    6.CubiioShield: Safety is priceless. We offer upgraded protection for users who have higher safety standard.

    Application scenario:


    1. Suitable for private manual studios, no need to purchase a large engraving machine, just need to buy a cubiio to be free to DIY, to meet the requirements.

      2. It is suitable for personal use by the family. Don't spend a lot of money for personal customization. Just buy a cubiio and you can make your own favorite works at home.



    About Cubiio:


    1. How to use: Specify the pattern or input text, place the engraving target in front of the cubiio, adjust the position, and activate the button. (Use the G-Code code (common machine language), design the vector graphics you need with the free open source software Inkscape, and then engrave the items you need with Cubiio.)

      2. Preview effect: In preview mode, cubiio will slightly etch the pattern onto the target with a weaker laser, so we can easily adjust the position and size angle. Once the final determination is made, the normal engraving mode can be turned on.

      3. Batch completion: Cubiio provides a Batch function for professional studios, which can be re-engraved or automatically switched to the next pattern, which makes it easy to carry out large-scale engraving tasks.