Dainty Design All in One Collagen Mask (100 Sheets in Box)


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Dainty Design All in One Collagen Mask In Box (100 Sheets) 

Dainty had a proven track record as one of the most top selling facial mask.

The product origins from advanced formula provided by Dainty Design Pty Ltd Australia, and manufactured by a premier research and production team in Taiwan.

The ingredient for their special formulated face mask is extra density and extra moisturize.

Using 100% USA cotton may release essence quickly into the skin and increase the skin absorbility.

Collagen Mask Effects:

  • Whiten and re-hydrate skins
  • Prevent wrinkles by increasing skin elasticity
  • Repair and re-conceal wounds and sunken scars
  •  Facilitate the recovery of skin metabolism
  • Modulate and stabilize skin’s pH
  • Suitable for all skin types


Expiration Date: At least 1.5 Years