DARIYA Salon de Pro The Cream Hair Color for Gray Hair (#4 Light Brown)


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Dariya Salon de Pro The Cream Hair Coloring Dye for Gray Hair (100g)

Color/Shade: #4 Light Brown 

Made in Japan

  • Odor-Removed and gentle to use, This hair dry, made of odor-removed ingredient only. will not irritate your eyes.
  • No unpleasant smell will remain in the room. 
  • Penetrating Coloring Formula
  • Quick Dyeing: Leave for just 15 minutes
  • Containing 6 natural ingredients for hair treatment. Camellia Oil, Pearl extract, Rose-hip oil, Hawthorn extract, Royal jelly extract, Seaweed extract
  • Date printed on package is MGF date. Expiration is 5 years