Nippon Suisan KAIREI Natural Orange Roughy Oil, Made in Japan 日本海之姬 32ml / 105ml

Nippon Suisan

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KAIREI Natural Orange Roughy Oil

Made in Japan

Size: 32ml / 105ml

  • 一瓶搞定臉+全身,隨身攜帶方便
  • FashionGuide特優
  • 上妝前加1滴到粉底液妝感更服
About the product
  • Prevents skin dryness when massaged into skin
  • Avoid dry hair when massaged into the scalp
  • Extracted from natural ingredients - suitable for use on hair and skin
  • Orange roughy sourced from the deep seas of New Zealand and refined by Nippon Suisan
  • Contains Orange Roughy Oil and Tocopherol