Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse for Windows & Mac


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Connect to any Bluetooth®-enabled PC or Mac® or Windows® 8 tablet—no receiver required. ... TheM557 offers exceptional battery life for a Bluetooth mouse. Connect to any Bluetooth® -enabled PC or Mac® computer or Windows® 8 tablet—no receiver required.


Connection Type Wireless
DPI Max: 1000
Software adjustable: No
Hardware adjustable: No
Sensor Type: Optical
Visible light: No
Scroll Wheel Vertical scroll: Regular
Left/Right tilt: Yes
Tilt Wheel function: Scroll left/right
Indicator Lights (LED) Bluetooth and battery
Standard & Special Buttons Standard buttons: Left and Right, Scroll Wheel Button, Tilt Wheel Buttons
Special buttons: Application switcher
Connect / Power On/Off switch, Bluetooth Connect button
Battery Details Removable ( Battery NOT included )
Size: AA
Quantity: 2
Type: Alkaline