MICHELIN 12260 Micro Tyre Inflator Portable Power Air Pump 12V


Regular price $62.99


  • High power 12v Tyre Inflator 
  • 50 cm high pressure air hose 
  • Snap-in detachable digital tyre pressure gauge, accurate to +/-1psi (up to 50psi) 
  • Housed in a rugged aluminium chassis for durabiltiy 
  • Fully inflates tyres in 4 minutes 
  • Comes with 12v plug, cable, valve connectors and hose 
  • Also suitable for inflating balls, toys, and other inflatable items 


  • Correct tyre pressures minimise tyre wear, aid fuel consumption, and benefit roadholding and handling.
  • Clear easy pressure reading
  • Easy to store and use.