SIMOTA Air Intake TUV/CE Super Spiral Turbo Ventilator neak CT-626 Size 65-70mm


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SIMOTA Air Intake TUV/CE Super Spiral Turbo Ventilator neak

CT-626 Size 65-70mm

Simota's high speed new generation super spiral creates a vortex air flow to improve air & fuel mixture enhancing your engine's performance. It reduces the carbon accumulation in the engine and substantially increases the horsepower to your engine. Blades are made of advanced precision bearing technology(running up to 30,000 RPM). Light weight aluminum alloy design us not only anti-rust, but also has the ability to match your high-revving engine. The blades special angles to promote extra air flow to the inlet manifold and assist in providing better engine combustion. Experience strong torque during low to medium RPM ranges but also extreme horsepower at higher engine revolutions. The upgraded fuel combustion can reduce carbon accumulation to your engine. Furthermore, it is environment friendly and greatly increases performance efficiency. Instruction 1. Location of Installation: Install the product between the air filter and te throttle body, into the middle of air inlet pipe.(Propeller side face to the air filter, Not hard press the back) 2. Optimal location: Install the product 10cm-30cm in front of the inlet throttle body 3. When the inlet pipe is curved, you can install Super Spiral into the middle of dual bend pipe. 4. If the car is equipped with air flow sensoes(AIF), install a Super Spiral before or after AIF with the same size. When there is minor difference in size, you can wrap a few rounds of tape on outer rim. 5. The product can be installed to gasoline & diesel cars, as long as there is the inlet pipe on the air inlet of the throttle.