SOFINA Beaute UV Cut Emulsion Moist SPF50+ / PA++++ JAPAN (30g)


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Sofina (Japan) believes that the key to skin beauty lies on the "core of skin". With the intensive study focusing on the "core of skin", they found out that only transporting ingredients deep to the core of skin can make fully use of the skincare benefits, activate your skin and revitalize it. The effectiveness of caring it defines the difference between the "external age" and "actual age".

Sofina (Japan) release a series of high performance skincare products for anti-ageing needs in terms of deep moisturizing, skin elasticity, and skin glossiness, especially good for 20s to 40s.


Exclusive Technology for Inductive Immersion
With the exclusive technology of immersion control, it allows the beauty essence ingredients effectively immerse on the skin layer, by building a "water line"  on the layer, it brings the ingredients through this "super highway" to the "core of the skin", the deepest part of the skin layer.


Ingredients highlight

1. Raw Ginger
     - nourish the deepest part of the skin layer and give you a supple & elastic skin

2. Grapefruit Essence
     - to 'render' a healthily red, glossy, and supple skin finish

3. Eucalyptus Essence 
     - further replenish skin with moisture content, and improve the skin immunity, it also helps re-arrange the skin texture line into a smooth finish.


With Sofina's exclusive technology, it expands the "water lines" in between the cells, and delivers the effective skincare essence continuously deep to the "core of the skin", the deepest part of the skin layer, where the anti-ageing processes are fully utilized. The deep nourishment gives you a elastic, supple , and lustrous skin.


Expiration Date: At least 1.5 year