Superlux HD668B Professional Studio Standard Monitoring Headphones


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Product Information
Take over the spinning duties at the club or record a hit album with the Superlux HD668B headphones. These semi-open dynamic headphones are perfect for professional and personal use, providing you with the versatility you want in a nice set of audio accessories. If you'd like to show off your style while listening to your tunes, this HD668B headphone model from Superlux can help you do so. Gamers can also use these products, as getting a clear sound can create an immersive experience while playing on your favorite console. The dynamic semi-open HD668B headphones emit authentic mid-range and high-frequency sounds that you can easily hear through the comfortable ear pads. They're made out of a high-quality, soft material so you can wear them for hours. The Superlux headphones feature optimized headband pressure, and you can adjust the headband pads to your liking. The pads can fit over your entire ear, minimizing any sound leakage. You can block out noise from the environment when you wear this circumaural, over-ear headset made by Superlux. This is a good feature that's convenient if you're listening to something at work or at home with others near you. They weigh just 7.83 ounces, making them lightweight and portable. Due to the fact that the headphones are durable, you can transport them with or without a case and know that they'll still be able to perform. With a 3.5mm cable you can plug into a smartphone, tablet, computer, or other accessory. They're detachable and can be easily interchanged. The short cable measures one meter, and the long one measures three meters. Depending on your setup, you can choose which accessory is better for you. You could even connect them together if you need the extra length. When you're using these Superlux headphones, you can instantly be transported to a recording studio. If you're using the long connector and would like to keep the excess part out of the way, you can use the cable clip. The gold plug is anti-rust and will last for years. With a maximum input power of 300 mW and a rated impedance of 56 ohms, these Superlux HD668B headphones can deliver reliable sound. They have a high-resolution 50mm driver unit to help boost their sound quality. Their frequency response ranges from 10 Hz - 30 KHz, and you can control your settings if you'd like to play with the level of bass, mid-range, and treble. They're ideal for all types of music, as they've been designed with an emphasis on dynamics to help various tones carry through the mix. You can especially notice this when songs build after the first few notes. Whether you're listening to classical songs or rap music, you'll enjoy the listening experience that Superlux has created for you. With these black-on-black listening accessories, the mids will sound crisp, and the bass will be deep yet balanced. Vocals will come across in an authentic way.