TECPEL Liquid pH Meter(pH 703)


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pH meter is electronic instrument used to measure the ph of a liquid. There are many ways that can measure pH. But if you need higher pH precision, pH meter is the only way to go.

Typical pH meter consists of a special measuring probe connected to an electronic meter that measures and displays the pH reading.

Our pH meter can be used in various fields, such as pool, aquariums, hydroponics, school laboratories, cooling towers, food processing water testing, sanitation plants , printing, and chemical industries. As customers use our products, we provide accurate, reliable results of pH meter.

There is a tip that can help you use the pH meter correctly. Before use pH meter must be calibrated because each pH electrode is slightly different and its characteristic changes with aging.

Depending on the pH meter type it may either recognize buffer automatically and perform calibration procedure on its own or you will have to calibrate it using knobs and changing buffers when every time you use it. So before buying a pH meter, there are a lot of functions that you should consider.

With advanced technology of pH meters, our measures are more preciser and easier. The pH meters of Tecpel meet your need.



  • Measurement ranges: 0.00 ~ 14.00pH
  • Resolution: 0.01pH
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.02pH
  • ATC: 0 ~ 50 deg C (Automatic Temperature Compensation)
  • General
  • Power Requirement: 1 pieces 9V battery
  • Dimensions: 6.2""x1.6""x1.3"" (158x40x34mm)
  • Weight: 3.15 oz (90g)
  • Accessories: pH7 buffer solution can, batteries and manual, protective carrying case.