TENMARS YF-3220 Digital Multimeter


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Model No.: : YF-3220

Product Description

Ergonomically designed. Uses one 9V battery.

0.5% basic DC accuracy
audible continuity test
3 1/2 digit LCD, 0.625" high
10M ohm input resistance
1.5" x 3" x 7.5"(w/o rubber case)
overload protection
voltage to 1000VDC, 750VAC
capacitance to 20 microfarads
polarity indicator
frequency to 10MHz
over range indicator
10A (AC or DC)
low battery indicator
hFE and diode test
tilt stand and case
1.6 lbs.



Product Measurements
Accuracy 0.5 %
Capacitance Rating 20 mF
Current Rating 10 A
Frequency up to 10 MHz
Input Resistance (RIN) 10 MΩ
Item Height 1.5 in.
Item Length 7.5 in.
Item Width 3 in.
LCD Height 0.625 in.
Voltage Rating 1000 VDC, 750 VAC