TK Food Cubic Pastry Brown Sugar 老楊 方塊酥 黑糖 (520g Per Box)


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Size: 520g Per Box


Product introduction:Use high quality wheat as raw material to keep the original flavor
Layers of baked unique crispy taste, you can taste the natural aroma.

The original taste of wheat fiber is the most nostalgic good taste among old taste buds.
Enjoy a laid-back atmosphere while eating and add flavors with tea and coffee.

  • Cube tank packaging, adding new vitality.
  • Kaifeng can enjoy it, a bite, eat more smoothly
  • As long as the lid is locked and stored in a cool place, it is the most suitable snack for work and home life.
  • The rectangular cakes made in Chiayi are an improvement on Hebei-style moon cakes.

The founder of T.K. Food was able to craft them after adapting skills he gained as a young child baking flat bread, eventually opening his own bakery in 1979 on Minguo Road in Chiayi City.

The bakery carefully selects its ingredients then handcrafts the external layer of its pastries.

After baking, the pastries have a flavor unique to Chiayi snacks. As always, sales of the cakes begin in Chiayi, but today the channels extend to mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, the United States, Australia, and other countries with a high concentration of Chinese consumers.

People are confident in T.K.’s innovative baking techniques and the creativity that has allowed it to promote a variety of snacks, including many vegetarian options.

For consumers, T.K. Food’s exceptional products not only represent what a rectangular cake should be.

These cakes have even turned into a must-buy souvenir for anyone passing through the Taiwanese city of Chiayi.

Expiration Date : About 10 months