(10 PACKS) Meiji Amino Collagen Powder Refill 196g 明治膠原蛋白粉28日份袋裝 (196g x10袋)


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Amino Collagen is made from fish scales and skin from which the calcium is carefully removed.

Pure collagen is extracted from the scales and skin

and converted to a white collagen peptide*2 powder

that is more readily absorbed into the body.

Collagen peptide has been specially selected

by Meiji based on over 100 years of experience in supplying food and health products.

How to eat

● Mix with your favorite drink such as milk or coffee.

● You can enjoy it deliciously even if you sprinkle it on yogurt.

* There are individual differences in collagen intake. If you think that one packet (7g) is a lot, please adjust the amount.

* Please drink immediately after melting.

Expiration date : At least 1 Year